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Mott Electric, LLC is determined to create value, expertise and professionalism through the services it offers.

We promise to conduct ourselves with integrity that is above reproach in all business situations.


We are steadfast in our commitment to safety in every aspect.  We adhere to all safety regulations, and provide our employees with the proper equipment and knowledge to ensure that safety remains a top priority.


We are devoted to education, advancement and innovation.  We will provide the resources, environment and incentives to ensure that our work force is the best trained and most effective in the field.


We desire to continually shape an environment, where employee and employer work hand-in-hand to provide each customer with the best service possible.


We are loyal to our families.  We know that each employee represents a home and we want our company to make the lives of every family member better.  We know that a happy home makes a happy employee.


Mott Electric, LLC has at its foundation a strong faith in God.  We are always thankful to Him for our success, and we consider our business a reflection and service to Him.


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